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EZShop • UX/UI

How might we create a digital experience that makes grocery shopping easier and - if possible - more fun?

The app will allow you to select a frequented or nearby grocery store and choose items to put in a virtual shopping bin. Once your shopping list is completed, EZShop will sort the items based on store aisle location and plan your shopping trip for you. You are able to plan anytime, anywhere. All you have to do next is show up to your selected grocery store, follow your planned map and pick up items along the way, and be out with all your essential grocery needs in less than 20 minutes! EZShop is new, exciting and innovative, and will transform your entire grocery shopping experience.

My solution: EZShop.

EZShop will address the demographic of those with go-getter lifestyles with a new phone application that allows for quick and easy grocery store trips. EZShop allows you to pre-plan your shopping trip ahead of time, saving you frustrating grocery store trips spent navigating busy store aisles.

For this app, I wanted to target the type of grocery shopper who is always on the go, and rarely has time to waste running through busy grocery store aisles.

Speedy Sam’s customer journey map + user experience flow chart:


Click the left and right navigation arrows to view all wireframe designs. Full sizes available in the EZShop projectPDF located at the bottom of this page.

The EZShop Prototype

A working prototype is featured below. To get started, click “log in.” The prototype can also be accessed here.